25/26 Oktober 2019
Uebel & Gefährlich
FURTHER FESTIVAL 2019 „There just aren’t enough talented women, we have really looked for them“, is what is always said by booking and event agencies, when they are asked why, again and again, only men appear on their stages and podiums, on their ranking lists and at their DJ desks. At a closer look, these very artists often display a rather bland mediocrity. Unsurprisingly, this is only acceptable in men, whereas all the others need to be extraordinarily talented star performers to be visible at all. Otherwise, they will risk sharp criticism and will be kept well away from any kind of fame or success.

Stop the talk. Never mind the excuses. We want to live our own beautiful lives!

In November last year, at the first Further* Festival, these arguments of a presumed lack of alternatives were already proven wrong. At Uebel & Gefährlich, we presented a line-up that consisted completely of women, non-binary people and transgenders. No more compromises or attempts at negotiation – let’s just do it. We want to show that a cultural and political event can very well do without the dominance of cis men, and still work. The festival showed quality, versatility and introduced new dynamics.

Both the right of self-determination over our bodies and the need for the development of a new language are still questioned in this country – a debate usually initiated by white males. People who no longer accept oppression are being threatened. We want to take a break from all this. We want to make time to recuperate, to find back to ourselves and to encourage and support each other. Instead of existing at the periphery of society, we want to imagine a different reality and show that a different life is possible.

At other festivals and parties, blokes dominate the space – at our event it belongs to everyone. A small utopia with music, readings and liquor. Together and solidly united. One hundred per cent.

Paula Irmschler